Waking up with wet pajamas and bed sheet can turn out to be a nightmare for every child. And for parents, such a situation will make them worry about how to stop this. Bed wetting till the age of 3 is considered as very normal phenomenon of the child’s development. But once they cross 3 years this becomes an issue of concern. This problem can hold back the children from enjoying their childhood. Some children are restrained from going on a school trip or a stay at their friend’s place, as they will be humiliated if their friends know about their bed wetting problem.

The basic problem of bed wetting is the absence of ability to realize the sensation to urinate. This is a kind of biological clock which automatically gets programmed to recognize the need to urinate when the brain realizes that the bladder is full. This is programmed in every child at the early developmental stage before the age of three. But for certain children this takes time, as their body does not know how to set the program. This can be sorted through bed wetting treatment.


Therapee is a high-Tec software oriented bedwetting treatment, which is designed to set the psychological system through the alarm. The user can choose from 3 different alarm systems according to their need – the first model has a body connected buzzer, the second has wireless buzzer and the third with bell and pad type. The purpose of the alarm is to wake up the user when it senses moisture. A single drop of urine is sufficient to initiate the buzz. This sound of the alarm works in 2 ways – one it gives the child a sudden sense of shock which helps to stop urination and the second – it will alert the parents to take the child to toilet to complete his urination. This routine successfully implants in the child, the urge to wake up when their bladder is full.

Supporting add-ons

To make this treatment more successful, they provide with videos for clarity. All the doubts were answered in a detailed version.  When logged on with the given login details, there is a facility to track the child’s progress virtually. This provides a clear picture whether the treatment customized is working for the child or not, and what is the improvement necessary for a successful result. Many therapee reviews have suggested that the virtual tracking is really helpful as they can see the progress, which gives them a positive feeling about the treatment. Psychological counseling is also provided for the parents to have a positive attitude throughout the treatment. This also aids the children to realize that bed wetting is not their fault to feel ashamed about, and this can be cured.

Therapee has assisted many children and their parents to come out of the embarrassment faced due to bed wetting. Therapee reviews ascertain the success of the program and prove that it works!!


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