Bedwetting, also known as sleep wetting is a sensitive and embarrassing condition for children. Most kids in the age group between 3 and 18 years old experience ‘bedwetting problem’ for long or short periods. Parents should always bear in mind to take an expert opinion and medical help if the problem persists despite trying home remedies.

Medical experts feel that chronic bedwetting is a nightly affair when the child is in deep sleep. Such a pattern can be broken by natural treatments. You can visit special bedwetting clinics, wherein the concerned child is provided safe and advanced treatment for breaking the cumbersome habit.

In some rare cases, bedwetting can be an indication of a serious health issue. However, the majority of the kids who wet the bed at night are perfectly healthy. It is just that he/she is not able to control his bladder habits that occur during the deep sleep period. It is a natural growing-up problem and the child must not be penalized or termed as lazy or difficult.

When your home remedies and prescription medical drugs fail to stop bedwetting, you can also go in for Therapee software, which is a wireless alarm system designed to prevent bedwetting. The best thing about Therapee bed wetting solution is that it has zero side effects.

Let us discuss some of the major advantages of Therapee software by Dr. Sagie:

1. It is the perfect choice for treating children in the age group of 4 to 18 years.

2. Web-based high effective software alarm.

3. Almost 95 percent success rate within a span of few months.

4. It helps the child follow a regular cycle so that he/she wakes up at a specific time during the night.

5. Children are not embarrassed as the treatment is carried out in the comfort zone of their bedrooms.

6. It is very affordable and costs less than any bedwetting treatment given in medical centers.

7. According to online Therapee reviews, it is one of the most successful forms of treatment (90%).

Therapee Online Reviews:

Therapee is highly interactive software that includes a hi-tech bedwetting alarm for solving bedwetting issues. Parents with bedwetting kids are quite happy with the program. They have been guided by the software via the audio and video counseling by experts. The alarm is simple and very convenient to use. Children feel more confident and get quality sleep at night, after being guided by the program. Not only kids, even adults suffering from bedwetting condition have been cured by the innovative Therapee software.


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